Reception & Lounge

Situated in the bottom left hand corner of the hotels courtyard is the reception for the Health Club.  Reception is your first port of call when visiting the health club and from here you will be able to find everything you need to get started.  Rest and Relaxation is just as important as training hard so with in the reception area we have a warm and inviting lounge area with ample sofas, chairs and tables. Here you can enjoy a cappuccino with a Cream & Jam Scone or why not even choose something a little more filling from our lounge and spa menu like a Nicoise Salad or Pan Fried Fillets of Salmon.  Additional drinks and beverage can also be purchased from reception such as bottled water, energy drinks,fruit juices and smoothies.   A selection of fresh daily newspapers and magazines are also available from the club reception.

Pool Suite and Lounge Terrace

The Health Club has a recently re-tiled 10 meter swimming pool which is ideal for doing those all important lengths in (147 lengths of the pool = 1 mile) or simply somewhere to splash about in with the children. 


The pool is kept at a temperature between 30 & 32 degrees centigrade and is checked frequently by our staff to ensure the pool is clean and comfortable for you to use at all times.  

Although the poolside and pool area are monitored by CCTV the pool is unmanned and all non swimmers must be accompanied by a competent swimmer whilst in the pool. 

The shallow end of the pool is at 0.75m with a gradual slope down the pool to the deep end at 2m deep.  A small selection of flotation aids are available at the poolside, however personal equipment such as arm bands, goggles and caps are not supplied by the Health Club.

In addition to the pool we also have an 6 man hydro jet Jacuzzi.  Not only are Jacuzzi's ideal for soothing sore and tired muscles after a long day at work or heavy session in the gym but have a proven track record in helping Reduce Stress, Improve Circulation and Enhancing Personal Well-being.

For centuries people have been feeling the benefits of heating the body to cleanse it of toxins and impurities.  Now you can too!  The Health Club has a steam room which is ideal for opening all those pores and cleansing the skin whilst the hot water vapor help unblock the sinuses to relieve even the stuffiest of heads.

As like the Scandinavians you may want to spend some time in our dry heat sauna.   Just 15 minutes is enough to raise the bodies temperature burning up to 300 calories.  As the heat from the sauna starts to penetrate your muscles increased blood flow will help promote the body's natural defence systems and will aid the repairing of torn muscle from heavy weight lifting sessions .  Raising the bodies core temperature causes the body to sweat.  This sweat will help flush out any toxins and impurities left in the body leaving you feeling revitalised and refreshed.

Its not all about exercise, pain and sweat at the Manor House Health Club. Taking the time to unwind and relax is just as important.  Reclining sun loungers, tables and chairs and benches are provided both on the poolside and out on the terrace where lunch or even a glass wine can be the perfect way to spend a nice relaxing afternoon.


Situated on the first floor of the Health Club is the Gymnasium.  In the spring of 2013 the Health Club invested several thousand pounds and brand new state of the art cardiovascular training equipment from Matrix.  This equipment can help you achieve a multitude of goals from weight loss and fat burning to high intensity fitness training.  All the equipment can be programed to the give you the best maximum workout and our fully qualified gym instructors are always on hand to give advice and tips on how to achieve the best from your workouts. 

In addition to the CV equipment,  a varied selection of heavy isolation resistance machines are available such as the seated leg press, shoulder press and pec deck.  In accompaniment to these machines there is a selection of free weights, bench and cable machine to help sculpt and define targeted muscle groups.  

Fitness Studio

Situated above the Knights Hall is the Fitness Studio,  this large training area is where we hold a majority of our classes from Pilates to Boxercise Click Here for more details on our classes.  The studio is a equipped with a selection of body weight  training equipment such as weighted bars, skipping ropes, and step boxes.  Additionally the studio is ideal for boxing training equipped with 2 suspended punch bags, gloves and pads.  To fully mirrored wall also is ideal for dance and aerobic workouts.  To book the studio call the Health Club Reception direct on  01388 835454